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 Item NameTypeOptions
Heart of GolemMaterialView
Heart of DrakeMaterialView
Magic GemMaterialView
Spirit GemMaterialView
Bring StoneMaterialView
Dark StoneMaterialView
Brave StoneMaterialView
Wise StoneMaterialView
Kaiser StoneMaterialView
Scale of AntharasMaterialView
Crushed Claw of AntharasMaterialView
Eye of AntharasMaterialView
Blood of AntharasMaterialView
Antharas FleshMaterialView
Heart of AntharasMaterialView
Bone of AntharasMaterialView
Tooth of AntharasMaterialView
Scale of ValakasMaterialView
Crushed Claw of ValakasMaterialView
Eye of ValakasMaterialView
Blood of ValakasMaterialView
Valakas FleshMaterialView
Heart of ValakasMaterialView
Bone of ValakasMaterialView
Tooth of ValakasMaterialView
Scale of FafurionMaterialView
Crushed Claw of FafurionMaterialView
Eye of FafurionMaterialView
Blood of FafurionMaterialView
Fafurion FleshMaterialView
Heart of FafurionMaterialView
Bone of FafurionMaterialView
Tooth of FafurionMaterialView
Scale of LindviorMaterialView
Crushed Claw of LindviorMaterialView
Eye of LindviorMaterialView
Blood of LindviorMaterialView
Lindvior FleshMaterialView
Heart of LindviorMaterialView
Bone of LindviorMaterialView
Tooth of LindviorMaterialView
Red Dragon ScalesMaterialView
White Dragon ScalesMaterialView
Blue Dragon ScalesMaterialView
Green Dragon ScalesMaterialView
Cimaera Skin (Dragon)MaterialView
Cimaera Skin (Goat)MaterialView
Cimaera Skin (Lion)MaterialView
Cimaera Skin (Snake)MaterialView
Cursed Leather (Fire)MaterialView
Cursed Leather (Water)MaterialView
Cursed Leather (Wind)MaterialView
Cursed Leather (Earth)MaterialView
Hard LeatherMaterialView
Bone PieceMaterialView
Iron OreMaterialView
Heart of FirebirdMaterialView
Bark of Black EntMaterialView
Twig of Black EntMaterialView
Heart of Ice QueenMaterialView
Special Spirit CrystalMaterialView
Tarak's ValuablesMaterialView
Web of MuryanMaterialView
Ancients' Book of Magic, Volume 1MaterialView
Ancients' Book of Magic, Volume 2MaterialView
Ancients' Book of Magic, Volume 3MaterialView
Ancients' Book of Magic, Volume 4MaterialView
Wolf PeltMaterialView
Potion of Dark ForestMaterialView
Ring of Dark ForesterMaterialView
Dark Elven PouchMaterialView
Tear of MoonlightMaterialView
Piece of Large Cave ScrollMaterialView
Large Cave CrystalMaterialView
Leather of MoleMaterialView
Diad Scroll PieceMaterialView
Dillo ClawMaterialView
Tail of DilloMaterialView
Bud of Deep FlowerMaterialView
Root of Deep FlowerMaterialView
Deep Flower TwigMaterialView
Bat FangMaterialView
Platinum PlateMaterialView
Lump of PlatinumMaterialView
Rough Platinum PieceMaterialView
Blob Glastic JuiceMaterialView
Black Lump of Pure MithrilMaterialView
Black Lump of Rough MithralMaterialView
Black Mithril PlateMaterialView
Ring of Black WizardMaterialView
Leather of Black TigerMaterialView
Claw of Black TigerMaterialView
Fang of Black TigerMaterialView
Twig of Black EntMaterialView
Black Tiger HeartMaterialView
Ring of Beast SummonerMaterialView
Whip of Beast SummonerMaterialView
Beast Tamer RingMaterialView
Blue ClothMaterialView
Red ClothMaterialView
White ClothMaterialView
Shining ScaleMaterialView
Scorpion ShellMaterialView
Ash of AstagioMaterialView
Devil's Black ShacklesMaterialView
Devil's Red ShacklesMaterialView
Devil's Blue ShacklesMaterialView
Devil's White ShacklesMaterialView
Elementalist RingMaterialView
Heart of DragonMaterialView
Lump of SilverMaterialView
Rough Silver PieceMaterialView
Silver PlateMaterialView
Piece of SoulMaterialView
Fragment of SpiritMaterialView
Cerberus FurMaterialView
Tarak's SickleMaterialView
Corruption's PoisonMaterialView
Tarak's HeadMaterialView
Corruption's HandMaterialView
Tarak's Devil Book, Volume 1MaterialView
Tarak's Devil Book, Volume 2MaterialView
Tarak's Devil Book, Volume 3MaterialView
Tarak's Devil Book, Volume 4MaterialView
Corruption's ToothMaterialView
Corruption's TongueMaterialView
Rind of Plate WormMaterialView
Venom of Plate WormMaterialView
Fang of Plate WormMaterialView
Volcanic AshMaterialView
Gold PlateMaterialView
Lump of GoldMaterialView
Rough Gold PieceMaterialView
Black Spirit StoneMaterialView
Griffon FeatherMaterialView
Green CrystalMaterialView
Magic FluteMaterialView
Mithril OreMaterialView
Mithril ThreadMaterialView
Rough MithrilMaterialView
Mithril PlateMaterialView
Wind TearMaterialView
Fungus JuiceMaterialView
Purple CrystalMaterialView
Red CrystalMaterialView
Web of ArachneMaterialView
Ecdysis of ArachneMaterialView
Bark of EntMaterialView
Fruit of EntMaterialView
Twig of EntMaterialView
Oriharukon PlateMaterialView
Bark of Contaminated EntMaterialView
Fruit of Contaminated EntMaterialView
Root of Contaminated EntMaterialView
Blood of OgreMaterialView
Tear of SpiritMaterialView
Elemental StoneMaterialView
Large Green CrystalMaterialView
Large Red CrystalMaterialView
Large Blue CrystalMaterialView
Pan's ManeMaterialView
Ala of FairyMaterialView
Blue CrystalMaterialView
White CrystalMaterialView
Black Blood StoneMaterialView
Tear of Gran KainMaterialView
Thin PlateMaterialView
Lump of SteelMaterialView
Lump of Rough IronMaterialView
Pass of EarthMaterialView
Pass of WaterMaterialView
Pass of FireMaterialView
Pass of AirMaterialView
Seal of EarthMaterialView
Seal of WaterMaterialView
Seal of FireMaterialView
Seal of AirMaterialView
Earth CommanderMaterialView
Water CommanderMaterialView
Fire CommanderMaterialView
Air CommanderMaterialView
Elemental CommanderMaterialView
Seal of Arcane KingMaterialView
Seal of Dread QueenMaterialView
Seal of Dread KingMaterialView
Seal of Assassin KingMaterialView
Black Magic PowderMaterialView
Lastabad's Secret Weapon Production MethodMaterialView
Fidelity's Secret Armor Production MethodMaterialView
Holy RelicMaterialView
Attendant's ScriptureMaterialView
Crystal of Dark Elf SoulMaterialView
Tail of AngusMaterialView
Tooth of AngusMaterialView
Resiliant Muscles of PasajMaterialView
Wings of PasajMaterialView
Blood of DegoMaterialView
Fin of DigoMaterialView
Bloodied SandMaterialView
Tail of Sheba Human: EarthMaterialView
Tail of Sheba Human: WaterMaterialView
Tail of Sheba Human: FireMaterialView
Tail of Sheba Human: AirMaterialView
Leather of Sheba Human: EarthMaterialView
Leather of Sheba Human: WaterMaterialView
Leather of Sheba Human: FireMaterialView
Leather of Sheba Human: AirMaterialView
Fang of Sheba HumanMaterialView
Black Wizard EarringsMaterialView
Black Wizard EarringsMaterialView
Black Wizard EarringsMaterialView
Wings of VarlokMaterialView
Two-Handed Sword of VarlokMaterialView
Head of VarlokMaterialView
Horns of VarlokMaterialView
Cut of Varlok MeatMaterialView
Claws of VarlokMaterialView
Heart of VarlokMaterialView
Fangs of VarlokMaterialView
Lungs of VarlokMaterialView
Scale of DarknessMaterialView
Scale of FlamesMaterialView
Scale of ImmortalityMaterialView
Scale of HatredMaterialView
Ash of SailorMaterialView
Withering SoulMaterialView
Fruit of Ent (Blessed)MaterialView
Blessed Unicorn HornMaterialView
Ancient Gold Coin (Blessed)MaterialView
Ice CrystalMaterialView
Sealed Majestic Cape DesignMaterialView
Adamantite NuggetMaterialView
Animal SkinMaterialView
Arcsmith's AnvilMaterialView
Blacksmith's FrameMaterialView
Artisan's FrameMaterialView
Braided HempMaterialView
Compound BraidMaterialView
Crafted LeatherMaterialView
Crystal - BMaterialView
Crystal - AMaterialView
Crystal - NGMaterialView
Crystal - S80MaterialView
Crystal - SMaterialView
Durable Metal PlateMaterialView
Gemstone - AMaterialView
Gemstone - BMaterialView
Gemstone - CMaterialView
Gemstone - DMaterialView
Gemstone - SMaterialView
High Grade SuedeMaterialView
Leonin's MoldMaterialView
Maestro Anvil LockMaterialView
Maestro HolderMaterialView
Metallic FiberMaterialView
Metallic ThreadMaterialView
Mithril AlloyMaterialView
Mold GlueMaterialView
Mold HardenerMaterialView
Mold LubricantMaterialView
Oriharukon OreMaterialView
Silver NuggetMaterialView
Steel MoldMaterialView
Stone of PurityMaterialView
Synthetic CokesMaterialView
Varnish of PurityMaterialView
Warsmith's HolderMaterialView
Warsmith's MoldMaterialView
Craftsman MoldMaterialView
Coarse Bone PowderMaterialView
Sealed Armor of Nightmare PatternMaterialView
Sealed Boots of Nightmare LiningMaterialView
Sealed Gauntlets of Nightmare DesignMaterialView
Sealed Cloak of Nightmare LiningMaterialView
Sealed Helm of Nightmare DesignMaterialView
Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare FabricMaterialView
Sealed Nightmare Robe FabricMaterialView
Sword of Miracles EdgeMaterialView
Dragon Slayer EdgeMaterialView
Dark Legion's Edge BladeMaterialView
Soul Separator HeadMaterialView
Dragon Grinder EdgeMaterialView
Tallum Glaive EdgeMaterialView
Soul Bow StaffMaterialView
Dualsword Craft StampMaterialView
Branch of the Mother Tree HeadMaterialView
Sealed Shield of Nightmare FragmentMaterialView
Animal BoneMaterialView
Sealed Phoenix Ring GemstoneMaterialView
Sealed Phoenix Earring GemstoneMaterialView
Sealed Phoenix Necklace BeadsMaterialView
Sealed Majestic Earring GemstoneMaterialView
Sealed Majestic Ring GemstoneMaterialView
Sealed Majestic Necklace BeadsMaterialView
Maestro MoldMaterialView
Silver MoldMaterialView
Sealed Tallum Boots DesignMaterialView
Sealed Tallum Gloves DesignMaterialView
Sealed Tallum Helmet DesignMaterialView
Sealed Tallum Leather Armor PatternMaterialView
Sealed Tallum Plate Armor PatternMaterialView
Sealed Tallum Stockings FabricMaterialView
Sealed Tallum Tunic TextureMaterialView
Sealed Majestic Boots LiningMaterialView
Sealed Majestic Circlet DesignMaterialView
Sealed Majestic Guantlets DesignMaterialView
Sealed Majestic Leather Armor FabricMaterialView
Sealed Majestic Plate Armor PatternMaterialView
Sealed Majestic Robe FabricMaterialView
Sealed Dark Crystal Boots LiningMaterialView
Sealed Dark Crystal Breastplate PatternMaterialView
Sealed Dark Crystal Gaiters PatternMaterialView
Sealed Dark Crystal Gloves DesignMaterialView
Sealed Dark Crystal Helmet DesignMaterialView
Sealed Dark Crystal Leather Armor PatternMaterialView
Sealed Dark Crystal Leggings DesignMaterialView
Sealed Dark Crystal Robe FabricMaterialView
Sealed Dark Crystal Shield FragmentMaterialView
Forgotten Blade EdgeMaterialView
Heavens Divider EdgeMaterialView
Draconic Bow ShaftMaterialView
Arcana Mace HeadMaterialView
Basalt Battlehammer HeadMaterialView
Imperial Staff HeadMaterialView
Dragon Hunter Axe BladeMaterialView
Angel Slayer BladeMaterialView
Demon Splinter BladeMaterialView
Saint Spear BladeMaterialView
Sealed Imperial Crusader Breastplate PartMaterialView
Sealed Imperial Crusader Helmet PatternMaterialView
Sealed Major Arcana Circlet PatternMaterialView
Sealed Draconic Leather Helmet PatternMaterialView
Sealed Imperial Crusader Gauntlets DesignMaterialView
Sealed Major Arcana Boots DesignMaterialView
Sealed Draconic Leather Boots DesignMaterialView
Sealed Major Arcana Gloves FabricMaterialView
Sealed Imperial Crusader Gaiters PatternMaterialView
Sealed Draconic Leather Gloves FabricMaterialView
Sealed Major Arcana Robe PartMaterialView
Sealed Draconic Leather Armor PartMaterialView
Sealed Tateossian Earring PartMaterialView
Sealed Tateossian Necklace ChainMaterialView
Sealed Tateossian Ring GemMaterialView
Sealed Imperial Crusader Shield PartMaterialView
Sealed Imperial Crusader Boots DesignMaterialView
Sealed Dark Crystal Cape DesignMaterialView
Sealed Tallum Cape DesignMaterialView
Dark Crystal GaitersMaterialView
Dark Crystal GaitersMaterialView
Tallum StockingsMaterialView
Dark Crystal LeggingsMaterialView
Soul OreMaterialView
Ancient RelicMaterialView
Blood of GafadonMaterialView
Blood of FenrirMaterialView
Blood of OdinMaterialView
Blood of HeliosMaterialView
Blood of YmirMaterialView
Blood of Atum RaMaterialView
Essence of PhoenixMaterialView
Purity of FlameMaterialView
White StoneMaterialView
Spirit OreMaterialView
Elemental StoneMaterialView
Bone of DragonMaterialView
Cimaera ScaleMaterialView
Beholder Eye JuiceMaterialView
Lesser Demon HornMaterialView
Skeleton BonesMaterialView
Scale of a Lesser DragonMaterialView
Elmore SpearMaterialView
Smoldering Astagio AshesMaterialView
Darkness Hunter BowMaterialView
Crimson Oscillation CrystalMaterialView
Azure Oscillation CrystalMaterialView
Onyx Oscillation CrystalMaterialView
Golden Oscillation CrystalMaterialView
Ivory Oscillation CrystalMaterialView
Whip of SecMaterialView
Crimson Stability OreMaterialView
Azure Stability OreMaterialView
Onyx Stability OreMaterialView
Golden Stability OreMaterialView
Ivory Stability OreMaterialView
Crimson Stability FluidMaterialView
Azure Stability FluidMaterialView
Onyx Stability FluidMaterialView
Golden Stability FluidMaterialView
Ivory Stability FluidMaterialView
Stable Crimson MetalMaterialView
Stable Azure MetalMaterialView
Stable Onyx MetalMaterialView
Stable Golden MetalMaterialView
Stable Ivory MetalMaterialView
Ivory ThreadMaterialView
Ivory ClothMaterialView
Natural PowderMaterialView
Poisonous SporeMaterialView
Poison FlowerMaterialView
Sticky MushroomsMaterialView
Sacred LumberMaterialView
Thorn of FirebushMaterialView
Poison GooMaterialView
Poison MetalMaterialView
Night CrystalMaterialView
Day CrystalMaterialView
Undead AshMaterialView
Acidic FluidMaterialView
Unholy PolishMaterialView
Holy PolishMaterialView
Ultranium Mithril PlateMaterialView
Oriharukon Chain LinksMaterialView
Bark from the Great Mother TreeMaterialView
Piece of LegendMaterialView
Frightening ArtifactMaterialView
Arch Wizard's Life DustMaterialView
Crystal - XMaterialView
Gemstone - S80MaterialView
Gemstone - XMaterialView
Emerald Oscillation CrystalMaterialView
Emerald Stability OreMaterialView
Emerald Stability FluidMaterialView
Stable Emerald MetalMaterialView
Ancient Blood of OgreMaterialView
Burning Valakas Scale (Blessed)MaterialView
Bottle of Valakas' SoulMaterialView
Solid Antharas Scale (Blessed)MaterialView
Bottle of Antharas' SoulMaterialView
Bottle of GameMaster's SoulMaterialView
Razor Edge ArrowheadMaterialView
Blunt Tipped ArrowheadMaterialView
Ice Blade ArrowheadMaterialView
Dark Oak BranchMaterialView
Burnt ArrowheadMaterialView
Spiked ArrowheadMaterialView
Maple BranchMaterialView
Shadow Ash BranchMaterialView
Underwood BranchMaterialView
Crimson RootMaterialView
Tap RootMaterialView
Fibrous RootMaterialView
Shadow FeatherMaterialView
Golden FeatherMaterialView
Piercing ArrowheadMaterialView
Shining Quiver MaterialView
Blessed Shining Quiver (Blessed)MaterialView
Bright FeatherMaterialView
Refined Soul OreMaterialView
Bottle of Fafurion's SoulMaterialView
Slippery Fafurion Scale (Blessed)MaterialView
Arrow Summoning AshMaterialView
Sky Magic FluidsMaterialView
Sky Lieutenant BadgeMaterialView
Sky Captain BadgeMaterialView
Sky Colonel BadgeMaterialView
Sky Pikeman Badge - BlueMaterialView
Sky Pikeman Badge - RedMaterialView
Sky Pikeman Badge - GreenMaterialView
Sky Pikeman Badge - PurpleMaterialView
Sky Pikeman Badge - YellowMaterialView
Floating Lindvior ScalesMaterialView
Bottle of Lindvior's SoulMaterialView
Nidrah's Energy Battery (Blessed)MaterialView
Charge of Fire (Blessed)MaterialView
Charge of Earth (Blessed)MaterialView
Charge of Water (Blessed)MaterialView
Charge of Winds (Blessed)MaterialView
Jewel Fragment - RubyMaterialView
Jewel Fragment - DiamondMaterialView
Jewel Fragment - SapphireMaterialView
Jewel Fragment - EmeraldMaterialView
Jewel Fragment - TopazMaterialView
Jewel Fragment - AquamarineMaterialView
Jewel Fragment - OpalMaterialView
Jewel Fragment - PearlMaterialView
Jewel Fragment - ObsidianMaterialView
Jewel Fragment - GarnetMaterialView
Jewel Fragment - OnyxMaterialView
Jewel Fragment - AmethystMaterialView
Jewel Fragment - Cat's EyeMaterialView
Jewel Fragment - SphaleriteMaterialView
Jewel Fragment - Vital StoneMaterialView
Jewel Fragment - TanzaniteMaterialView
Jewel Fragment - Green KyaniteMaterialView
Jewel Fragment - ApatiteMaterialView
Jewel Fragment - VanadiniteMaterialView
Jewel Fragment - Red JasperMaterialView
Radiant FragmentMaterialView
White Origami PaperMaterialView
Black Origami PaperMaterialView
Blue Origami PaperMaterialView
Green Origami PaperMaterialView
Orange Origami PaperMaterialView
Purple Origami PaperMaterialView
Red Origami PaperMaterialView
Yellow Origami PaperMaterialView
Alien Mask InstructionsMaterialView
Demon Mask InstructionsMaterialView
Frankenstein Mask InstructionsMaterialView
Reaper Mask InstructionsMaterialView
Pumpkin Mask InstructionsMaterialView
Shinobi Shozoku InstructionsMaterialView
White Elastic StringMaterialView
Red Elastic StringMaterialView
Grey Elastic StringMaterialView
Blue Elastic StringMaterialView
Shinobi Head StrapMaterialView
Red Crafting GlitterMaterialView
Blue Crafting GlitterMaterialView
Yellow Crafting GlitterMaterialView
Green Crafting GlitterMaterialView
Shiny Crafting GlitterMaterialView
Black Crafting GlitterMaterialView
Orange Crafting GlitterMaterialView
Earth Dragon StoneMaterialView
Fire Dragon StoneMaterialView
Wind Dragon StoneMaterialView
Water Dragon StoneMaterialView
Water Dragon LeathersMaterialView
Earth Dragon LeathersMaterialView
Fire Dragon LeathersMaterialView
Wind Dragon LeathersMaterialView
Valakas Mask InstructionsMaterialView
Antharas Mask InstructionsMaterialView
Fafurion Mask InstructionsMaterialView
Lindvior Mask InstructionsMaterialView
Fragment of Valakas' SoulMaterialView
Fragment of Antharas' SoulMaterialView
Fragment of Fafurion's SoulMaterialView
Fragment of Lindvior's SoulMaterialView
Fragment of GameMasters's SoulMaterialView
Legendary Antharas ScalesMaterialView
Legendary Antharas ClawMaterialView
Legendary Antharas HeartMaterialView
Legendary Antharas FangsMaterialView
Legendary Fafurion ScalesMaterialView
Legendary Fafurion ClawMaterialView
Legendary Fafurion HeartMaterialView
Legendary Fafurion FangsMaterialView
Legendary Lindvior ScalesMaterialView
Legendary Lindvior ClawMaterialView
Legendary Lindvior HeartMaterialView
Legendary Lindvior FangsMaterialView
Legendary Valakas ScaleMaterialView
Legendary Valakas ClawMaterialView
Legendary Valakas HeartMaterialView
Legendary Valakas FangsMaterialView
April Fools!MaterialView
Red Termifract OreMaterialView
Green Termifract OreMaterialView
Purple Termifract OreMaterialView
Red Termifract FlameMaterialView
Green Termifract FlameMaterialView
Purple Termifract FlameMaterialView
Fragment of Death's SoulMaterialView
Fragment of Famine's SoulMaterialView
Fragment of War's SoulMaterialView
Fragment of Pestilence's SoulMaterialView
Fragment of Zajako's SoulMaterialView
Ancient OilMaterialView
Ancient OreMaterialView
Bone Powder - ValakasMaterialView
Fire Dragon LeathersMaterialView
Burning RunestoneMaterialView
Inferno RunestoneMaterialView
Ancient Polished RubyMaterialView
Ultra RubyMaterialView
Soul Charged Valakas ScaleMaterialView
Soul Charged Valakas ClawMaterialView
Soul Charged Valakas HeartMaterialView
Soul Charged Valakas FangsMaterialView
Soul Charged Bone Powder - ValakasMaterialView
Ultralithium OreMaterialView
Beginner's Spirit GemMaterialView
Fragment of Zenith's SoulMaterialView
Fragment of Seer's SoulMaterialView
Fragment of Vampire's SoulMaterialView
Fragment of Cougar's SoulMaterialView
Fragment of Zombie Lord's SoulMaterialView
Fragment of Mummy Lord's SoulMaterialView
Fragment of Iris' SoulMaterialView
Fragment of Knight Vald's SoulMaterialView
Fragment of Lich's SoulMaterialView
Fragment of Reaper's SoulMaterialView
Uncharged Base FragmentMaterialView
Daedalus HeartstoneMaterialView
Automaton GearboxMaterialView
Ancient Armor Piece (Blessed)MaterialView
Ancient Voidwalker Claw (Blessed)MaterialView
Ancient Skeletal Remains - Axe (Blessed)MaterialView
Ancient Skeletal Remains - Bow (Blessed)MaterialView
Ancient Skeletal Skull (Blessed)MaterialView
Ancient Bone Powder (Blessed)MaterialView
Broken Antler (Blessed)MaterialView
Vortex Core (Blessed)MaterialView
Just a Box (DO NOT OPEN) (Blessed)MaterialView
Diamond in the Rough (Blessed)MaterialView
Letifer's Spur (Blessed)MaterialView
Mortifer's Wing (Blessed)MaterialView
Shadow Ore (Blessed)MaterialView
Letifer's Life Dust (Blessed)MaterialView
Feathered Collar (Blessed)MaterialView
Bounty List (Blessed)MaterialView
Glowing Eyestones (Blessed)MaterialView
General's Plume (Blessed)MaterialView
Elmorian Ash (Blessed)MaterialView
Dimensional DustMaterialView
Dimensional FoilMaterialView
Dimensional PlateMaterialView
Dimensional BarsMaterialView
Dimensional OreMaterialView
Light King's MeritMaterialView
Shadow Lord's MeritMaterialView
Dark King's MeritMaterialView
Almighty MeritMaterialView
Liquid ShadowMaterialView
Quality Belt MaterialsMaterialView
Guarder WingMaterialView
Energy FragmentMaterialView
Synthetic Legging MetalsMaterialView
Sturdy Shield OreMaterialView
Berserkers GoldMaterialView
Lightning OrbMaterialView
Flaming OrbMaterialView
Ultra Speedy Bow StringMaterialView
Dusk MetalMaterialView
Blood Soaked OreMaterialView
Elite Quality SilkMaterialView
Armor Sphere - XRMaterialView
Accessory Sphere - XRMaterialView
Weapon Sphere - XRMaterialView
Omni Sphere - XRMaterialView
Gemstone of WaterMaterialView
Gemstone of EarthMaterialView
Gemstone of WindMaterialView
Gemstone of FireMaterialView
Silver Tower PassMaterialView
Eye of CorruptionMaterialView