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 Item NameTypeOptions
Lesser Healing PotionPotionView
Healing PotionPotionView
Greater Healing PotionPotionView
Haste PotionPotionView
Potion of BraveryPotionView
Potion of ManaPotionView
Potion of WisdomPotionView
Cure Poison PotionPotionView
Greater Haste PotionPotionView
Condensed Lesser Healing PotionPotionView
Condensed Healing PotionPotionView
Condensed Greater Healing PotionPotionView
Ancient Lesser Healing PotionPotionView
Ancient Healing PotionPotionView
Ancient Greater Healing PotionPotionView
Blinding PotionPotionView
Banana JuicePotionView
Orange JuicePotionView
Apple JuicePotionView
Ivory Tower Healing PotionPotionView
Devil's BloodPotionView
Bless of EvaPotionView
Elixer (STR)PotionView
Elixer (CON)PotionView
Elixer (DEX)PotionView
Elixer (INT)PotionView
Elixer (WIS)PotionView
Elixer (CHA)PotionView
Scale of MermaidPotionView
Potion of Mental AcuityPotionView
Rabbit LiverPotionView
Brown Piece of BreadPotionView
Mugwort rice-cakePotionView
Elven WaferPotionView
Burnt Piece of BreadPotionView
Coin of BraveryPotionView
Coin of TrustPotionView
Coin of ReputationPotionView
Coin of WisdomPotionView
Potion of EncouragementPotionView
Potion of TalentPotionView
Potion of FloraPotionView
Potion of PurificationPotionView
Potion of Mysterious Magic Level 1PotionView
Potion of Mysterious Magic Level 2PotionView
Potion of Mysterious Magic Level 3PotionView
Potion of Mysterious Magic Level 4PotionView
Mysterious Healing PotionPotionView
Mysterious Mana PotionPotionView
Skeletal Pirate Head Transformation PotionPotionView
Skeletal Pirate Soldier Transformation PotionPotionView
Skeletal Pirate Knife Transformation PotionPotionView
Lesser Healing Potion (Blessed)PotionView
Healing Potion (Blessed)PotionView
Greater Healing Potion (Blessed)PotionView
Ivory Tower Haste PotionPotionView
Potion of Bravery (Blessed)PotionView
Potion of Mana (Blessed)PotionView
Potion of Wisdom (Blessed)PotionView
Greater Haste Potion (Blessed)PotionView
Elven Wafer (Blessed)PotionView
Lesser Healing Potion (Cursed)PotionView
Rice BallPotionView
Grilled Chicken SkewerPotionView
Pizza PiecesPotionView
Grilled CornPotionView
Fish CakePotionView
Blessed Barley BreadPotionView
Blessed WinePotionView
Kuzak's FoodPotionView
Kuzak's Wonder DrugPotionView
Silver Zongzi (Blessed)PotionView
Gold Zongzi (Blessed)PotionView
Round Rice-Cake (Blessed)PotionView
Bok Rice-Cake (Blessed)PotionView
Potion of Reinforced Case (Blessed)PotionView
Haste Potion (Blessed)PotionView
Mixed Spices SaucePotionView
Potion of Great ExperincePotionView
Potion of ExperincePotionView
Enhanced Potion of ExperincePotionView
Mountain DewPotionView
Coca ColaPotionView
Soul Shot - APotionView
Soul Shot - NGPotionView
Soul Shot - SPotionView
Soul Shot - S80PotionView
Soul Shot - BPotionView
Potion of De-LevelingPotionView
Fluid of the Gods: StrengthPotionView
Fluid of the Gods: DextarityPotionView
Fluid of the Gods: ConstituionPotionView
Fluid of the Gods: InteligencePotionView
Fluid of the Gods: WisdomPotionView
Fluid of the Gods: CharismaPotionView
Dragon JuicePotionView
GM CandyPotionView
Hearts Trail TokenPotionView
Bombs Trail TokenPotionView
Fire Trail TokenPotionView
Eyes Trail TokenPotionView
Magic Trail TokenPotionView
Volcanic Trail TokenPotionView
Counter Trail TokenPotionView
Immunity PotionPotionView
Spirit Shot - NGPotionView
Spirit Shot - BPotionView
Spirit Shot - APotionView
Spirit Shot - SPotionView
Spirit Shot - S80PotionView
Lesser Soul Energy BatteryPotionView
Soul Energy BatteryPotionView
Greater Soul Energy BatteryPotionView
Gender Changing PotionPotionView
Super BravePotionView
Ultra Elixir: StrengthPotionView
Ultra Elixir: ConstitutionPotionView
Ultra Elixir: DexterityPotionView
Ultra Elixir: IntelligencePotionView
Ultra Elixir: WisdomPotionView
Ultra Elixir: CharismaPotionView
Lucky Dice!PotionView
Potion of LearningPotionView
Potion of LuckPotionView
Weak Elixir of StrengthPotionView
Weak Elixir of ConstitutionPotionView
Weak Elixir of DexterityPotionView
Weak Elixir of IntelligencePotionView
Weak Elixir of WisdomPotionView
Weak Elixir of CharismaPotionView
Lucky Coin!PotionView
Mana Restoration PotionPotionView
Crack Death Knight ElixerPotionView
Immunity PerfumePotionView
Super Heal DraughtPotionView
Savior ApplePotionView
Soul Shot - CPotionView
Spirit Shot - CPotionView
Potion of LawPotionView
Potion of Full LawPotionView
Christmas CakePotionView
Eye of Enemy HealthPotionView
Potion of Soul AttractionPotionView
Potion of MerchantPotionView
Doll Training BookPotionView
Savior BeadsPotionView
Crystal of ProtectionPotionView
X-Potion LitePotionView
X-Potion MediumPotionView
X-Potion FullPotionView
Bottle o' Guinness (Blessed)PotionView
Mid-Grade Elixir StrengthPotionView
Mid-Grade Elixir ConstitutionPotionView
Mid-Grade Elixir DexterityPotionView
Mid-Grade Elixir IntelligencePotionView
Mid-Grade Elixir WisdomPotionView
Mid-Grade Elixir CharismaPotionView
Cursed Elixir of StrengthPotionView
Cursed Elixir of ConstitutionPotionView
Cursed Elixir of DexterityPotionView
Cursed Elixir of IntelligencePotionView
Cursed Elixir of WisdomPotionView
Cursed Elixir of CharismaPotionView
Soul Shot - XPotionView
Spirit Shot - XPotionView
Ultra Event TokenPotionView
Experience Event TokenPotionView
Soul Experience Event TokenPotionView
Adena Event TokenPotionView
Vitality Event TokenPotionView
Lesser Soul Energy Battery - FactionPotionView
Soul Energy Battery - FactionPotionView
Greater Soul Energy Battery - FactionPotionView
Doll Experience Event TokenPotionView
Thanksgiving Dinner - 2012PotionView
Candy Cane - 2012 (Blessed)PotionView
Christmas Cookies - 2012PotionView
Omega JuicePotionView
Soul Battery+PotionView
Soul Battery+10PotionView
Ultrum Elixir: StrengthPotionView
Ultrum Elixir: ConstitutionPotionView
Ultrum Elixir: DexterityPotionView
Ultrum Elixir: IntelligencePotionView
Ultrum Elixir: WisdomPotionView
Ultrum Elixir: CharismaPotionView
Thanksgiving Dinner - 2013PotionView
New Years Bubbly - 2014 (Blessed)PotionView
Tier-Ease Cream - T2PotionView
Tier-Ease Cream - T3PotionView
Tier-Ease Cream - T4PotionView
Tier-Ease Cream - T5PotionView
Bribe Amanda to QQ at Zaj (Blessed)PotionView
Lesser Bribe Amanda to QQ at ZajPotionView
Accelerated Elixir (Strength)PotionView
Accelerated Elixir (Constitution)PotionView
Accelerated Elixir (Dexterity)PotionView
Accelerated Elixir (Intelligence)PotionView
Accelerated Elixir (Wisdom)PotionView
Accelerated Elixir (Charisma)PotionView
Turkey CallPotionView
Nightmare EssencePotionView
Concentrated Nightmare Essence (Blessed)PotionView
Gingerbread CookiePotionView
Green BeerPotionView
Ample Innate Healing PotionPotionView
Innate Healing PotionPotionView
Meager Innate Healing PotionPotionView
Ample Innate Magic PotionPotionView
Innate Magic PotionPotionView
Meager Innate Magic PotionPotionView
Meager Innate PotionPotionView
Innate PotionPotionView
Ample Innate PotionPotionView
Rune Perfume - IntPotionView
Rune Perfume - WisPotionView
Rune Perfume - StrPotionView
Rune Perfume - ConPotionView
Rune Perfume - ChaPotionView
Rune Perfume - DexPotionView
Omega Elixir: StrengthPotionView
Omega Elixir: ConstitutionPotionView
Omega Elixir: DexterityPotionView
Omega Elixir: IntelligencePotionView
Omega Elixir: WisdomPotionView
Omega Elixir: CharismaPotionView
Valakas EssencePotionView
Antharas EssencePotionView
Fafurion EssencePotionView
Lindvior EssencePotionView
Metamorphosis PotionPotionView
Greater Metamorphosis PotionPotionView
Resurrection StonePotionView
Pumpkin CookiesPotionView
Dark BeerPotionView
Light BeerPotionView
Amber BeerPotionView
Golden AlePotionView
Craft BeerPotionView
Frothy BeerPotionView
Fafurion's Mending ElixirPotionView
Valakas' Burning ElixirPotionView
Antharas' Hardening ElixirPotionView
Lindvior's Hastening ElixirPotionView
Mending PotionPotionView
Burning PotionPotionView
Hardening PotionPotionView
Hastening PotionPotionView
Protect StonePotionView
Spite StonePotionView
Memento Mori - Exp RestorationPotionView
Soul Battery+20PotionView
High Capacity Soul Battery - L1PotionView
High Capacity Soul Battery - L2PotionView
High Capacity Soul Battery - L3PotionView
Pumpkin JuicePotionView
Smooth Shot - SoulPotionView
Smooth Shot - SpiritPotionView
Lesser Combat PotionPotionView
Combat PotionPotionView
Greater Combat PotionPotionView
Hand SoapPotionView
Mystery Easter CandyPotionView
Covid Vaccine First DosePotionView
Covid Vaccine Second DosePotionView
Tier-Ease Cream - T6PotionView
Zenith Queen's BloodPotionView
Seer's BloodPotionView
Vampire's BloodPotionView
Zombie Lord's BloodPotionView
Cougar's BloodPotionView
Mummy Lord's BloodPotionView
Iris' BloodPotionView
Knight Vald's BloodPotionView
Lich's BloodPotionView
Reaper's BloodPotionView
Jingle Bell CookiesPotionView