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                      Throwing | Totem | Container | Wand | Other
 Item NameTypeOptions
Breath of EarthQuestitemView
Potion of LawPotionView
Mold GlueMaterialView
Wedding InvitationScrollView
Apple BasketQuestitemView
Memory Crystal (Cube : Ignition)SpellbookView
Head of DeathQuestitemView
Charged DestinyQuestitemView
Scroll of Teleportation - Diad 2FScrollView
Contaminated ArmorQuestitemView
Bright Angler FishFishView
Yellow Tree Ornament (Blessed)EventView
Soul Stone: Excited Ice OniQuestitemView
Soul Enchantment Scroll: Armor (Blessed)ScrollView
Memo Pad of Robin HoodQuestitemView
Event Token Enchantment Scroll: TimeScrollView
Spirit Crystal(BodytoMind)SpellbookView
Dragon Tablet (Fear)SpellbookView
Processed Diamond 2 (Wind Spirit)GemView
Mid-Grade Elixir WisdomPotionView
Dark Spirit Crystal(FinalBurn)SpellbookView
Essence of BloodstainQuestitemView
Greater Lindvior ChestOtherView
Corruption's TongueMaterialView
Spirit Crystal(AreaOfSilence)SpellbookView
Blind ArrowArrowView
Onyx Oscillation CrystalMaterialView
Night CrystalMaterialView
Power Doll: SnowmanOtherView
Magic Doll: Dark ElfOtherView
Sealed Imperial Crusader Helmet PatternMaterialView
Spellbook (Brave Avatar)SpellbookView
Scroll of Return - Aden CityScrollView
Treasure of LizardmanQuestitemView
Under Wilds DeviceOtherView
Magic Doll: SuccubusOtherView
Sealed TOI Charm - 71FOtherView
Helm of Expedition MemberQuestitemView
TOI Teleport - 20F (Blessed)ScrollView
Page of Insolence - 5QuestitemView
Grace Aligned - T5XScrollView
Ring of OrimOtherView
Blood of YmirMaterialView
Seal of Dread KingMaterialView
Maple Wand (Blessed)WandView
1st Generation Heirloom of the Druga ClanTreasure_boxView
Scroll of Teleportation - Giant BridgeScrollView