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 Item NameTypeACOptions
Ultra Plate Helm [T5] (Blessed)Helm0View
Helm of the Forest [X] (Blessed)Helm0View
Blue Wolf Heavy Armor [Heavy][B]Armor-7View
Unknown Leather ArmorArmor-12View
Cloak of the Cleric - ACloak10View
Boots of LegendBoots-2View
Zajako's Almighty Breastplate - XR (Blessed)Armor0View
Unknown CloakCloak-6View
Bunny Mittens of Loyalty [2015] (Blessed)Glove-7View
Sexy BikiniT0View
Apprentice Prince HelmHelm-2View
Golden Wing of Giant Ant QueenCloak-4View
Burning Crown - XR (Blessed)Helm0View
Pestilence's Gauntlets - X (Blessed)Glove0View
Sealed Dark Crystal Robe [A]Armor-6View
Orcish Ring MailArmor-2View
Red CloakCloak-2View
Sealed Dark Crystal Breastplate [A]Armor-10View
Glove of Fire SpiritGlove0View
Helm of the Forest [T5] (Blessed)Helm0View
Pumpkin MaskHelm-4View
Camo Undies+ (Blessed)T-20View
Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare [A] (Blessed)Armor-5View
Bunny Snuggie of Loyalty [2017] (Blessed)Cloak-4View
Cow King's Hooves+ (Blessed)Boots-20View
Circlet of Legend [X] (Blessed)Helm0View
Major Arcana Robes [S]Armor-6View
Low Boots (Cursed)Boots-1View
Death Knight ArmorArmor-10View
Shinobi Tabi+ (Blessed)Boots-14View
Medusa Queen's Bikini [A]Armor-7View
Pestilence's Breastplate - X (Blessed)Armor0View
Lesser Sayha's ShirtT-1View
Shadow BootsBoots-2View
Imperial Crusader Breastplate [S]Armor-12View
Helm of Nightmare [A] (Blessed)Helm-5View
Leather Vest with BeltArmor-3View
Gauntlets of the Winds - X (Blessed)Glove0View
Tallum Plate Armor [Heavy][A] (Blessed)Armor-10View
Helm of Magic: SpeedHelm-1View
Sealed Helm of Nightmare [A] (Blessed)Helm-2View
John Wick Costume - 2019+ (Blessed)Armor-20View
Pumpkin CostumeHelm-5View
Unknown DoubletT-5View
Lastabad BootsBoots-2View
Studded Leather Armor (Cursed)Armor-3View
Elven Plate MailArmor-6View
Zajako's Epic Body Armor [S80]Armor0View
Magical Armor of FafurionArmor-11View