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 Item NameTypeACOptions
Gloves of LegendGlove0View
Karmian Robes [C][Robe]Armor-3View
Scale MailArmor-4View
Iron Plate MailArmor-7View
Boots of Evil Power KingBoots-4View
Bunny Slippers of Loyalty [2014] (Blessed)Boots-7View
Samurai Kabuto+ (Blessed)Helm-14View
Undies of LoyaltyT-4View
Guardian Greaves (Blessed)Boots-6View
Zajako's Shadow Gloves - XR (Blessed)Glove0View
Helmet (Cursed)Helm-1View
Mambo Coat (Blessed)Armor-3View
Dark Crystal Leather Armor [Light][A] (Blessed)Armor-8View
Skull HelmetHelm-1View
Bone Armor+Armor-10View
Infinity Gauntlet+ (Blessed)Glove-20View
Elmorian Gauntlets - XR (Blessed)Glove0View
Boots of Nightmare [Heavy][A] (Blessed)Boots-8View
Famine's Circlet - X (Blessed)Helm0View
Studded Leather Armor (Cursed)Armor-3View
Tarak's CloakCloak-2View
Unknown GlovesGlove-6View
Apprentice Wizard BootsBoots-2View
Sealed Dark Crystal Helmet [A]Helm-5View
Bunny Slippers of Loyalty [2015] (Blessed)Boots-7View
Blue Wolf Robes [Robe][B]Armor-5View
Zajako's Dusk Leather Armor - XR (Blessed)Armor0View
War's Leather Armor - X (Blessed)Armor0View
Boots of LegendBoots-2View
Blue Wolf Leather Armor [Light][B]Armor-6View
Gauntlet of Nightmare [Heavy][A] (Blessed)Glove-8View
Transmaterial Boots (Blessed)Boots-10View
Wolf Skin CloakCloak-3View
Imperial Crusader Gauntlets [S]Glove-10View
Tribute Power GlovesGlove0View
Plate Mail (Cursed)Armor-7View
Red Knight CloakCloak-1View
Gauntlets of the Winds - X (Blessed)Glove0View
Evil Pumpkin Suit - XRArmor0View
Cloak of the Winds - X (Blessed)Cloak0View
Pumpkin Armor of Loyalty [2014]Armor-7View
Transmaterial Helmet (Blessed)Helm-10View
Forgotten Leather ArmorArmor-1View
Chainmail of the Forest [T5] (Blessed)Armor0View
Tunic of DevotionArmor-7View
Wet CloakCloak-2View
Unknown Plate MailArmor-13View
Helmet of the Pretender KingHelm-6View
Imperial Crusader Breastplate [S]Armor-12View
Earth CloakCloak-3View