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 Item NameTypeACOptions
Arch Wizard Robes [T5] (Blessed)Armor0View
Green Dragon ArmorArmor-9View
Bunny Undies of Loyalty [2018] (Blessed)T-4View
Gauntlets of the Winds - X (Blessed)Glove0View
Transmaterial Helmet (Blessed)Helm-10View
Elven Gloves of %iGlove-1View
Helm of FidelityHelm-6View
Sealed Major Arcana Circlet [S]Helm-7View
Gloves of the New KingGlove0View
Patriotic Panties - 2017T-1View
Doublet LomechechT-2View
Helm of Waves [X] (Blessed)Helm0View
Dark RobeArmor-5View
Wooden GlovesGlove-5View
Sandals of Dark ElderBoots-2View
Blue Wolf Helmet [Light][B]Helm-4View
Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare [A] (Blessed)Armor-5View
Circlet of CerenisHelm-5View
Greater Eva's Shirt [X]T-1View
Mask of TruthHelm0View
Dwarvish Iron HelmHelm-2View
Elmorian Robes - XR (Blessed)Armor0View
Fafurion's Scaled Cloak - XR (Blessed)Cloak-3View
Drake Leather Armor [C][Light]Armor-4View
Breastplate of the Mother Tree [T5] (Blessed)Armor0View
Imperial Crusader Helmet [S]Helm-7View
Sealed Dark Crystal Helmet [A]Helm-5View
Fafurion Scaled Cloak [S80] (Blessed)Cloak-3View
Splint Mail (Blessed)Armor-6View
Cloak of Magic Resistance (Blessed)Cloak-1View
Armor of Loyalty (Blessed)Armor-6View
Boots of Nightmare [Light][A] (Blessed)Boots-6View
Pumpkin Suit - 2019+Armor-20View
Wet GlovesGlove-2View
Helm of Magic: HealingHelm-1View
Karmian Gloves [C][Robe]Glove-1View
Halloween Blessing CapHelm-1View
Guardian Cuirass+Armor-10View
Cloak of Poison SerpentCloak-4View
Gran Kain's Shirt [X]T-1View
Leather Vest with BeltArmor-3View
Zajako's Epic Gloves [S80]Glove0View
Transmaterial Boots+ (Blessed)Boots-20View
Dark Crystal Breastplate [Heavy][A] (Blessed)Armor-10View
Dark Crystal Boots [Light][A] (Blessed)Boots-6View
Lesser Pa'agrio's ShirtT-1View
Death's Boots - X (Blessed)Boots0View
Guardian Gloves+ (Blessed)Glove-10View
Ultra Plate Gauntlets [X] (Blessed)Glove0View
Boots of the Mother Tree [X] (Blessed)Boots0View