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 Item NameTypeOptions
Letter of GratitudeQuestitemView
Key of Ancient PrinceQuestitemView
Key of Ancient KnightQuestitemView
Key of Ancient WizardQuestitemView
Body of Ancient KeyQuestitemView
Head of Ancient KeyQuestitemView
Key of Ancient ElfQuestitemView
Record of the Ancient DevilQuestitemView
Ancient InheritanceQuestitemView
Ghoul NailQuestitemView
Ghoul ToothQuestitemView
Old Trading DocumentQuestitemView
L1.5 REAL T-Shirt VoucherQuestitemView
Doppelganger RegurgitationQuestitemView
Key to Ramia's RoomQuestitemView
Ramia's ScaleQuestitemView
Relic of the PeopleQuestitemView
Sword of VarlokQuestitemView
Eye of VarlokQuestitemView
Claw of VarlokQuestitemView
Heart of VarlokQuestitemView
Secret ListQuestitemView
Secret Room KeyQuestitemView
Hit List (Gludin)QuestitemView
Hit List (Giran)QuestitemView
Hit List (Aden City)QuestitemView
Hit List (Woodbec)QuestitemView
Hit List (Kent)QuestitemView
Hit List (Heine)QuestitemView
Hit List (Fire-Field Farmers Town)QuestitemView
Secret of LifeQuestitemView
Search DocumentQuestitemView
Mysterious ShellQuestitemView
Mystery Crystal BallQuestitemView
Mystery StaffQuestitemView
Assassin's TokenQuestitemView
Letter of SoulQuestitemView
Letter of SoulQuestitemView
Letter of SoulQuestitemView
Bone of UndeadQuestitemView
Bone Piece of UndeadQuestitemView
Undead KeyQuestitemView
Letter of EndiaQuestitemView
Head of YetiQuestitemView
Head of Orc ElderQuestitemView
Emblem Piece of the Royal FamilyQuestitemView
Emblem Piece of the Royal FamilyQuestitemView
Key of FateQuestitemView
Arachnevil Elder's ClawQuestitemView
Cursed SpellbookQuestitemView
Cursed Elven SpellbookQuestitemView
Piece of Scout's ReportQuestitemView
Zombie KeyQuestitemView
Overseer's DocumentQuestitemView
Death CovenantQuestitemView
Torn Scout's ReportQuestitemView
Key of DepravityQuestitemView
Turtle Dragon ShellQuestitemView
Blue Flute QuestitemView
Fungus JuiceQuestitemView
Skeleton KeyQuestitemView
Skeleton SkullQuestitemView
Key of ChaosQuestitemView
Potion of RevivalQuestitemView
Black Knight's Pledge DocumentQuestitemView
Gandi SpellbookQuestitemView
Neruga SpellbookQuestitemView
Duda-Mara SpellbookQuestitemView
Atuba SpellbookQuestitemView
Black KeyQuestitemView
Mineral Removal DocumentQuestitemView
Key to 2nd Floor of Temple of ShadowsQuestitemView
Key to 3rd Floor of Temple of ShadowsQuestitemView
Crystal Ball of NecromancerQuestitemView
Breath of EarthQuestitemView
East Jail KeyQuestitemView
Second Labyrinth KeyQuestitemView
Key of DrakeQuestitemView
Drake's ClawQuestitemView
Diego's Old DiaryQuestitemView
Money Pouch of ReonaQuestitemView
Report of LizardmanQuestitemView
Treasure of LizardmanQuestitemView
Evidence of Dark Spirit ArmyQuestitemView
Letter of MarbaQuestitemView
Evidence of Dark Power ArmyQuestitemView
Talking ScrollQuestitemView
Evidence of Arcane ArmyQuestitemView
Breath of WaterQuestitemView
Labyrinth MapQuestitemView
Breath of WindQuestitemView
Basilisk's HornQuestitemView
Piece of Treasure MapQuestitemView
Assassin's Rusted SwordQuestitemView
North-East Jail KeyQuestitemView
North Jail KeyQuestitemView
Breath of FireQuestitemView
Burning LeatherQuestitemView
Red KeyQuestitemView
Third Labyrinth KeyQuestitemView
Crystal FangQuestitemView
Sword of Ordeal AQuestitemView
Sword of Ordeal BQuestitemView
Sword of Ordeal CQuestitemView
Sword of Ordeal DQuestitemView
Spellbook of OrdealQuestitemView
Remains of SonQuestitemView
Portrait of SonQuestitemView
Letter of SonQuestitemView
Amulet of ArasQuestitemView
Letter of ArasQuestitemView
Unknown HeirloomQuestitemView
Evidence of Assassin ArmyQuestitemView
Rib of YaheeQuestitemView
Tail of YaheeQuestitemView
Wing of YaheeQuestitemView
Backbone of YaheeQuestitemView
Head of YaheeQuestitemView
Claw of YaheeQuestitemView
Mineral of DarknessQuestitemView
Breath of DarknessQuestitemView
Ingot of DarknessQuestitemView
Fragment of Soul StoneQuestitemView
Contaminated ArmorQuestitemView
Contaminated CloakQuestitemView
Contaminated BootsQuestitemView
Contaminated GlovesQuestitemView
Contaminated HelmQuestitemView
Contaminated BowQuestitemView
Oum Fine StatueQuestitemView
Oum Completed StatueQuestitemView
Oum Painted StatueQuestitemView
Oum Rough StatueQuestitemView
Oum Refined StatueQuestitemView
Oum StatueQuestitemView
Completed Treasure MapQuestitemView
Armor of Expedition MemberQuestitemView
Cloak of Expedition MemberQuestitemView
Boots of Expedition MemberQuestitemView
Gloves of Expedition MemberQuestitemView
Relic of Expedition MemberQuestitemView
Helm of Expedition MemberQuestitemView
Bow of Expedition MemberQuestitemView
Silver FluteQuestitemView
Small Treasure MapQuestitemView
Book of Mental ControlQuestitemView
Tailbone of DeathQuestitemView
Axe of DeathQuestitemView
Hammer of DeathQuestitemView
Head of DeathQuestitemView
Spear of DeathQuestitemView
Knife of DeathQuestitemView
Friend's BagQuestitemView
Amulet of CadmusQuestitemView
High Quality Pouch of KarifQuestitemView
Karif PouchQuestitemView
Skin of Blue LizardQuestitemView
Grandfather's TreasureQuestitemView
Crumpled Up Breaking-Up LetterQuestitemView
Fragment of Blood StoneQuestitemView
Black-Light WingQuestitemView
Giant Pumpkin SeedQuestitemView
Head of DeathQuestitemView
Head of DeathQuestitemView
Key to 3rd Floor of Temple of ShadowsQuestitemView
Key to 3rd Floor of Temple of ShadowsQuestitemView
Dark Elven Soldier BadgeQuestitemView
Dark Elven General BadgeQuestitemView
Mineral PouchQuestitemView
Rabla's PouchQuestitemView
Contract of Resurrection and Eternal LifeQuestitemView
Rabor's PouchQuestitemView
Directive of Eris 1QuestitemView
Directive of Eris 2QuestitemView
Document Letter of ErisQuestitemView
Sealed History Chapter 1QuestitemView
Sealed History Chapter 2QuestitemView
Sealed History Chapter 3QuestitemView
Sealed History Chapter 4QuestitemView
Sealed History Chapter 5QuestitemView
Sealed History Chapter 6QuestitemView
Sealed History Chapter 7QuestitemView
Sealed History Chapter 8QuestitemView
History of Lastabad Chapter 1QuestitemView
History of Lastabad Chapter 2QuestitemView
History of Lastabad Chapter 3QuestitemView
History of Lastabad Chapter 4QuestitemView
History of Lastabad Chapter 5QuestitemView
History of Lastabad Chapter 6QuestitemView
History of Lastabad Chapter 7QuestitemView
History of Lastabad Chapter 8QuestitemView
Completed Writing of Death KnightQuestitemView
Writing of Death KnightQuestitemView
Summoning Device NucleusQuestitemView
Summoning Device FragmentQuestitemView
Summoning Globe Level 1QuestitemView
Summoning Globe Level 2QuestitemView
Summoning Globe Level 3QuestitemView
Summoning Globe Level 4QuestitemView
Dantes' Summon GlobeQuestitemView
Incomplete LogbookQuestitemView
Logbook Page 1QuestitemView
Logbook Page 2QuestitemView
Logbook Page 3QuestitemView
Logbook Page 4QuestitemView
Logbook Page 5QuestitemView
Logbook Page 6QuestitemView
Logbook Page 7QuestitemView
Logbook Page 8QuestitemView
Logbook Page 9QuestitemView
Logbook Page 10QuestitemView
Glued Logbook Page 1QuestitemView
Glued Logbook Page 2QuestitemView
Glued Logbook Page 3QuestitemView
Glued Logbook Page 4QuestitemView
Glued Logbook Page 5QuestitemView
Glued Logbook Page 6QuestitemView
Glued Logbook Page 7QuestitemView
Glued Logbook Page 8QuestitemView
Glued Logbook Page 9QuestitemView
Glued Logbook Page 10QuestitemView
Complete LogbookQuestitemView
Letter of NonameQuestitemView
Letter of Researchers: Elf ZoneQuestitemView
Letter of Researchers: Human ZoneQuestitemView
Letter of Researchers: Spirit ZoneQuestitemView
Letter of Researchers: Orc ZoneQuestitemView
Letter of Researchers: Researcher HeadQuestitemView
Contaminated RootQuestitemView
Contaminated TwigQuestitemView
Contaminated EcdysisQuestitemView
Contaminated ManeQuestitemView
Contaminated Elven WingQuestitemView
Silver TrayQuestitemView
Silver CandleQuestitemView
Key of BanditQuestitemView
Polluted HairQuestitemView
Polluted EarthQuestitemView
Polluted WaterQuestitemView
Polluted FireQuestitemView
Polluted AirQuestitemView
Polluted SpiritQuestitemView
Orc FangQuestitemView
Orc Fang AmuletQuestitemView
Enchanted PowderQuestitemView
Pure PowderQuestitemView
Pearl of ProphetQuestitemView
Dreaming Teddy BearQuestitemView
Perfume of TemptationQuestitemView
Lovely DressQuestitemView
Gorgeous RingQuestitemView
Heart of EmaiQuestitemView
Biography of HeroQuestitemView
Fashonable HatQuestitemView
Finest WineQuestitemView
Unknown KeyQuestitemView
Heart of EsemQuestitemView
Stone LumpQuestitemView
Volcanic RockQuestitemView
Tail Hair of MainoQuestitemView
Armor PieceQuestitemView
Rough DiamondQuestitemView
Tail Hair of Maino ShamanQuestitemView
Keepsake SackQuestitemView
Worn Keepsake SackQuestitemView
Old Keepsake SackQuestitemView
Worn Out RingQuestitemView
Bloody HankerchiefQuestitemView
Bloody DocumentQuestitemView
Worn Out NecklaceQuestitemView
Old WalletQuestitemView
Bloddy DaggerQuestitemView
Lost KeyQuestitemView
Staff of MayaQuestitemView
Contract of KahelQuestitemView
Order of KahelQuestitemView
Corrupted Powder of KahelQuestitemView
Helpless Powder of KahelQuestitemView
Egoistic Powder of KahelQuestitemView
Corrupted Essence of BloodstainQuestitemView
Helpless Essence of BloodstainQuestitemView
Egoistic Essence of BloodstainQuestitemView
Essence of BloodstainQuestitemView
Contract of BloodstainQuestitemView
Order of BloodstainQuestitemView
Corrupted Powder of BloodstainQuestitemView
Helpless Powder of BloodstainQuestitemView
Egoistic Powder of BloodstainQuestitemView
Corrupted Essence of KahelQuestitemView
Helpless Essence of KahelQuestitemView
Egoistic Essence of KahelQuestitemView
Essence of KahelQuestitemView
Indecent Ancient NecklaceQuestitemView
Restored Ancient NecklaceQuestitemView
Unknown 41146QuestitemView
Crystal Orb of MayaQuestitemView
Sacred Wing FeatherQuestitemView
Unknown 41209QuestitemView
Unknown 41210QuestitemView
Unknown 41212QuestitemView
Unknown 41213QuestitemView
Unknown 41214QuestitemView
Unknown 41215QuestitemView
Unknown 41216QuestitemView
Unknown 41222QuestitemView
Unknown 41223QuestitemView
Unknown 41224QuestitemView
Unknown 41225QuestitemView
Unknown 41226QuestitemView
Unknown 41227QuestitemView
Unknown 41228QuestitemView
Skeleton SkullQuestitemView
Unknown 41230QuestitemView
Unknown 41231QuestitemView
Unknown 41233QuestitemView
Unknown 41234QuestitemView
Unknown 41235QuestitemView
Unknown 41236QuestitemView
Bone PieceQuestitemView
Unknown 41239QuestitemView
Unknown 41240QuestitemView
Dark Crystal of SoulQuestitemView
Black Mithril LiquidQuestitemView
Sacred WaterQuestitemView
Sacred Mineral PowderQuestitemView
Larson's Recommendation LetterQuestitemView
Kuen's NoteQuestitemView
Chrysanthemum BouquetQuestitemView
Daisy BouquetQuestitemView
Rose BouquetQuestitemView
Calla Lily BouquetQuestitemView
Sunflower BouquetQuestitemView
Freesia BouquetQuestitemView
Certificate of ValorQuestitemView
Certificate of ValorQuestitemView
Breath of GhostQuestitemView
Breath of HamelQuestitemView
Taxidermy OrderQuestitemView
Certificate for Ant HuntingQuestitemView
Certificate for Bear HuntingQuestitemView
Certificate for Lamia HuntingQuestitemView
Certificate for Black Tiger HuntingQuestitemView
Certificate for Deer HuntingQuestitemView
Certificate for Harpy HuntingQuestitemView
Note of the DeceasedQuestitemView
Introduction of Head of Mercenery Squad TionQuestitemView
Manual of ZeronQuestitemView
Blood of MedusaQuestitemView
Bloodstain of FafurionQuestitemView
Essence of WaterQuestitemView
Acid SapQuestitemView
Memo Pad of Robin HoodQuestitemView
Memo Pad of Robin HoodQuestitemView
Introduction from Robin HoodQuestitemView
Ring of SaellQuestitemView
Ring of Robin HoodQuestitemView
Spirit of MoonlightQuestitemView
Dagger of EvaQuestitemView
Blessed Dagger of EvaQuestitemView
Incomplete LogbookQuestitemView
Incomplete LogbookQuestitemView
Incomplete LogbookQuestitemView
Incomplete LogbookQuestitemView
Incomplete LogbookQuestitemView
Incomplete LogbookQuestitemView
Incomplete LogbookQuestitemView
Incomplete LogbookQuestitemView
Incomplete LogbookQuestitemView
Incomplete LogbookQuestitemView
Pagan's MarkQuestitemView
Book of Great MagicQuestitemView
Guide to True NatureQuestitemView
Manual for Pure CombatQuestitemView
Royal Guidelines of LifeQuestitemView
Dark Manual of SkillQuestitemView
Bannerfish ScalesQuestitemView
Yellow Tropical Fish ScalesQuestitemView
Blue Tropical Fish ScalesQuestitemView
Striped Fish ScalesQuestitemView
GoldFish ScalesQuestitemView
Deep Sea Anemone MeatQuestitemView
Sea Anemone MeatQuestitemView
Eva's PearlQuestitemView
Angry Soul ShardQuestitemView
Sad Soul ShardQuestitemView
Pure Soul ShardQuestitemView
Lost Soul ShardQuestitemView
Weakened Spirit BladeQuestitemView
Charged Spirit BladeQuestitemView
Lost Book of ShadowQuestitemView
Lost Book of SpiritsQuestitemView
Blood StoneQuestitemView
Blood StoneQuestitemView
Blood StoneQuestitemView
Blood StoneQuestitemView
Blood StoneQuestitemView
Vial of Reaper BloodQuestitemView
Temporary ToI Representative PassQuestitemView
Tower of Insolence Warrior BadgeQuestitemView
Dragon's Eye Ruby RingQuestitemView
Winter's Ice DiamondQuestitemView
First Frost Sapphire RingQuestitemView
Verdant Summer NecklaceQuestitemView
Fertile Moon Opal EarringsQuestitemView
Orc TotemQuestitemView
Orc Sorcerer EarringsQuestitemView
Tainted Ogre BloodQuestitemView
Severed Goblin HeadQuestitemView
Imp EyesQuestitemView
Skeletal SkullQuestitemView
Zombie HeartQuestitemView
Warewolf FangsQuestitemView
Dire Wolf ClawsQuestitemView
Ice GemQuestitemView
Fire GemQuestitemView
Ice CrystalQuestitemView
Fire CrystalQuestitemView
Ice MetalQuestitemView
Fire MetalQuestitemView
Magic SnowflakeQuestitemView
Magic RaindropQuestitemView
Jar of Magic RaindropsQuestitemView
Soul Egg of PowerQuestitemView
Powerful Soul FabricQuestitemView
Ancient Sewing NeedleQuestitemView
Inferno BadgeQuestitemView
Glacier BadgeQuestitemView
Material Requisition TokenQuestitemView
Evil Relic (Blessed)QuestitemView
Ancient CoinQuestitemView
Sealed Pandora's BoxQuestitemView
Key of the Forest (Blessed)QuestitemView
Key of the Wastelands (Blessed)QuestitemView
Key of the Island (Blessed)QuestitemView
Articles of Clan Certification (Blessed)QuestitemView
Infinite LoveQuestitemView
Einhasad's BoxQuestitemView
Upper Fragment of CreationQuestitemView
Lower Fragment of CreationQuestitemView
Empty Energy StoneQuestitemView
Charged Energy Stone - WaterQuestitemView
HighDensity Energy Stone - WaterQuestitemView
HighDensity Energy Stone - WaterQuestitemView
Water Energy Fragment S1QuestitemView
Water Energy Fragment S2QuestitemView
Water Energy Fragment S3QuestitemView
Water Energy Fragment S4QuestitemView
Clan Skill EnergyQuestitemView
Clan Experience EnergyQuestitemView
Hardin's Lab KeyQuestitemView
Orim's Lab KeyQuestitemView
Bones from another worldQuestitemView
Fragment of OsirisQuestitemView
Fragment of AnubisQuestitemView
Box from another WorldQuestitemView
Glowing box from another worldQuestitemView
Key to the AlterQuestitemView
Tower KeyQuestitemView
Instance Reward KeyQuestitemView
Bag of magicQuestitemView
Mysterious KeyQuestitemView
Leprechaun's KeyQuestitemView
Charged DestinyQuestitemView
Key to Pharaoh's TombQuestitemView
V4 Party PopperQuestitemView
Soul KeyQuestitemView
Sacrificial Chamber KeyQuestitemView
Sacred Library KeyQuestitemView
Asura Prison Cell KeyQuestitemView
Conductive Fire StoneQuestitemView
Conductive Earth StoneQuestitemView
Conductive Wind StoneQuestitemView
Apple BasketQuestitemView
Banana BasketQuestitemView
Orange BasketQuestitemView
Tarantula LegQuestitemView
Bat WingQuestitemView
Corrupted Bark of EntQuestitemView
Corrupted Flower PetalsQuestitemView
Dire Tiger PeltQuestitemView
Giant RemainsQuestitemView
Ancient Mystical StoneQuestitemView
Stone TabletQuestitemView
Wirt's LegQuestitemView
Temporal Key: ZumbalariQuestitemView
Temporal Key: EmpireQuestitemView
Temporal Key: SayjixQuestitemView
Temporal Key: DaazenQuestitemView
Temporal Key: SyndicateQuestitemView
Enlightened DestinyQuestitemView
Corrupted Golem StonesQuestitemView
Corrupted Flower BranchQuestitemView
Corrupted Flower RootsQuestitemView
Empowered Centipede's CarapaceQuestitemView
Empowered Dire Tiger FurQuestitemView
Empowered Dire Wolf PeltQuestitemView
Resistance RubyQuestitemView
Evolved Bat WingQuestitemView
Ancient Power SourceQuestitemView
Temporary ItemQuestitemView
Limit EnergyQuestitemView
Vortex EnergyQuestitemView
Fusion EnergyQuestitemView
Limit Core Tier 1QuestitemView
Limit Core Tier 2QuestitemView
Limit Core Tier 3QuestitemView
Vortex Core Tier 1QuestitemView
Vortex Core Tier 2QuestitemView
Vortex Core Tier 3QuestitemView
Fusion Core Tier 1QuestitemView
Fusion Core Tier 2QuestitemView
Temporal Key: Silver DragonQuestitemView
Temporal Key: Gold DragonQuestitemView