Class Type: Knight | Royal | Elf | Mage | Dark Elf | Illusionist | Dragonknight  Grade: No Grade | C | B | A | S | S80 | X
 Item NameTypeSDmgLDmgOptions
Sword of Blue SkySword1212View
Great AxeTohandblunt1016View
Sword of HonorSword912View
Antharas' Twin Slicers - Event+ (Blessed)Edoryu00View
Dark CrossbowBow22View
Glacier Sword [NG]Sword00View
Bow of AncientsBow109View
Dice DaggerDagger13View
Basalt Battlehammer [S]Blunt3030View
Heart EdoryruEdoryu11View
Kaiser ClawClaw2016View
Soul Separator [Guidance][A] (Blessed)Dagger2516View
Cocky Prick (Blessed)Blunt11View
Paagrio's HatredSword139View
Antharas' Spine Thrower - Event+ (Blessed)Singlebow00View
Orcish Bow (Cursed)Bow22View
Lightsaber - TFA (Blessed)Sword3030View
Mystery StaffStaff00View
Soul Eater [S80]Tohandsword00View
Fafurion's WaveAxe - X (Blessed)Blunt00View
Trident of the Sea God (Blessed)Spear1416View
Zakaron's Bow [S80]Bow00View
Ivory Tower Stone BowBow22View
Branch of the Mother Tree [Conversion][A] (Blessed)Staff2119View
Lastabad Long SwordSword1012View
Finger of DeathDagger164View
Dual Sai+ (Blessed)Edoryu8080View
Elven Dagger (Blessed)Dagger43View
Elven Sword of DexteritySword88View
Wand of LaiaStaff11View
Edoryu of BraveryEdoryu1510View
Long Silver SwordSword812View
Valakas' Tail Blade - Uncharged (Blessed)Tohandsword00View
Sword of KurtzSword1511View
Staff of BelethStaff00View
Imperial Staff [Empower][S] (Blessed)Tohandstaff3530View
Zajako's Blade of Truth [X] (Blessed)Tohandsword00View
Lastabad BowBow22View
Antharas' Wand - UnchargedStaff00View
Body of Long SwordSword33View
Staff of GirtasTohandstaff1515View
Steel ClawClaw108View
Large Sword of BloodTohandsword1012View
Spear of Sheba HumanSpear520View
Valakas' Wing Bow - X (Blessed)Bow00View
Staff of SorceryStaff23View
Broad SwordSword46View
Sword of Goujian - XR (Blessed)Sword00View