Accessory Type: Amulet | Ring | Earrings | Belt | Guarder | Shield | Brooch | Jewel | Pouch
Class Type: Knight | Royal | Elf | Mage | Dark Elf | Illusionist | Dragonknight  Grade: No Grade | C | B | A | S | S80 | X
 Item NameTypeACMROptions
Ten Year Ring - 2019Ring-120View
Large Shield (Blessed)Shield-20View
Samurai Wakizashi - X (Blessed)Shield00View
Belt of Soul (Blessed)Belt00View
Ancient Onyx Lv4Jewel-10View
Ancient Onyx Lv1Jewel-10View
Unknown 20379Amulet00View
Amulet of Flames (Blessed)Amulet010View
Black Fighter Earrings 1Earring00View
Anubis' Key of the Nile [S80]Ring-120View
Blessed Skeletal Shield (Blessed)Shield00View
Ancient Opal Lv3Jewel-10View
Top-Grade PouchBeltloop100View
Crafted Ring of Hero 3 (Wind Spirit)Ring00View
Ring of Magic ResistanceRing05View
Amulet of Understanding [X] (Blessed)Amulet00View
Ancient Amethyst Lv2Jewel-10View
Necklace of LaiaAmulet00View
Shining Belt of Mind (Blessed)Belt00View
Troll BeltBelt00View
Ancient Topaz Lv3Jewel-10View
Belt of Osiris [S80]Belt00View
Cursed Ruby RingRing20View
Shining Belt of BodyBelt00View
Low-Grade PouchBeltloop100View
Loyalty Earrings of Rabbit Feet - 2019Earring-10View
Ancient Emerald Lv4Jewel-10View
Elmorian Targe - XShield00View
Necklace of Valakas - X (Blessed)Amulet-10View
Belt of New Life (fire)Earring00View
Amulet of Singing Island Amulet00View
Ring of Flames (Blessed)Ring010View
Old Amulet of Strength (Blessed)Amulet00View
Old Amulet of Charisma (Blessed)Amulet00View
Amulet of Intelligence (Blessed)Amulet00View
Amulet of Dexterity (Blessed)Amulet00View
Tribute Book of Magic PowersShield-20View
Ring of BraveryRing00View
Radiant Brooch - X (Blessed)Brooch00View
Ring of the Bunny King [B]Ring-12View
Amulet of CharismaAmulet00View
Repaired EarringsEarring-10View
Amulet of ErisAmulet00View
Cursed Sapphire RingRing00View
Ancient Tanzanite Lv5Jewel-10View
Titan BeltBelt00View
Ancient Cat's Eye Lv5Jewel-10View
Crafted Ring of Hero 1 (Fire Spirit)Ring00View
Sealed Phoenix Necklace [A]Amulet010View