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                      Throwing | Totem | Container | Wand | Other
 Item NameTypeOptions
Bag of EndiaTreasure_boxView
Old Leather PouchTreasure_boxView
Old Silk PouchTreasure_boxView
Unlimited QuiverTreasure_boxView
Fruit of Black EntTreasure_boxView
Alchemist's StoneTreasure_boxView
Relic PouchTreasure_boxView
Cursed BloodTreasure_boxView
Guardian's BagTreasure_boxView
Ronde's PouchTreasure_boxView
Marshall's RewardTreasure_boxView
Apparition's BagTreasure_boxView
Bludika's PouchTreasure_boxView
Hit List BagTreasure_boxView
Mysterious BagTreasure_boxView
Aria's RewardTreasure_boxView
Assassin Master's BoxTreasure_boxView
Crystal Piece of SoulTreasure_boxView
Crystal Piece of SoulTreasure_boxView
Crystal Piece of SoulTreasure_boxView
Elven TreasureTreasure_boxView
Kan's PouchTreasure_boxView
Magic Bag of TalassTreasure_boxView
1st Generation Heirloom of the Druga ClanTreasure_boxView
2nd Generation Heirloom of the Druga ClanTreasure_boxView
3rd Generation Heirloom of the Druga ClanTreasure_boxView
4th Generation Heirloom of the Druga ClanTreasure_boxView
5th Generation Heirloom of the Druga ClanTreasure_boxView
6th Generation Heirloom of the Druga ClanTreasure_boxView
7th Generation Heirloom of the Druga ClanTreasure_boxView
Money Pouch of ReonaTreasure_boxView
Evidence of the Dark Spirit ArmyTreasure_boxView
Evidence Box of Dark Power ArmyTreasure_boxView
Evidence Box of Arcane ArmyTreasure_boxView
Evidence Box of Assassin ArmyTreasure_boxView
Pouch of OumTreasure_boxView
Small PouchTreasure_boxView
Gift Bag from PierceTreasure_boxView
Golden PumpkinTreasure_boxView
Silver PumpkinTreasure_boxView
Bronze PumpkinTreasure_boxView
Roy's PouchTreasure_boxView
Bag of ErisTreasure_boxView
Pouch of VoyagerTreasure_boxView
Bandit PouchTreasure_boxView
Unknown 41217Treasure_boxView
Unknown 41218Treasure_boxView
Unknown 41219Treasure_boxView
Unknown 41220Treasure_boxView
Dark Elven PouchTreasure_boxView
Unknown 41232Treasure_boxView
Unknown 41238Treasure_boxView
Unknown 41241Treasure_boxView
Orc Treasure BagTreasure_boxView
Karif PouchTreasure_boxView
Karif PouchTreasure_boxView
Karif PouchTreasure_boxView
Karif PouchTreasure_boxView
High Quality Pouch of KarifTreasure_boxView
High Quality Pouch of KarifTreasure_boxView
High Quality Pouch of KarifTreasure_boxView
High Quality Pouch of KarifTreasure_boxView
Scroll of SoulTreasure_boxView
Lastabad Supplies BagTreasure_boxView
Lastabad Supplies BoxTreasure_boxView
Magic Bag of ArkaTreasure_boxView
Pumpkin Pouch of a Brave ManTreasure_boxView
Jar of AstrologerTreasure_boxView
Parum's Crop PouchTreasure_boxView
Money Pouch of ReonaTreasure_boxView
Money Pouch of ReonaTreasure_boxView
Money Pouch of ReonaTreasure_boxView
Money Pouch of ReonaTreasure_boxView
Money Pouch of ReonaTreasure_boxView
Pet Match Gift ChestTreasure_boxView
Ice Demon's PouchTreasure_boxView
Ice Queen's PouchTreasure_boxView
Ice Queen's BoxTreasure_boxView
Mammon's Box of Luck (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Gift Box of Gratitude (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Bag of Vitality RewardsTreasure_boxView
Box of Vitality RewardsTreasure_boxView
PvP Arena Reward BagTreasure_boxView
PvP Arena Reward JarTreasure_boxView
PvP Arena Reward BoxTreasure_boxView
PvP Arena Reward ChestTreasure_boxView
Spare Weapon PartsTreasure_boxView
Costume PouchTreasure_boxView
Costume PouchTreasure_boxView
Red StockingTreasure_boxView
Green StockingTreasure_boxView
Yellow StockingTreasure_boxView
Yellow Stocking (Cursed)Treasure_boxView
Christmas GiftTreasure_boxView
Box of Helmet PartsTreasure_boxView
Box of Armor PartsTreasure_boxView
Box of Glove PartsTreasure_boxView
Box of Boot PartsTreasure_boxView
Box of Accessory PartsTreasure_boxView
Greater Box of LuckTreasure_boxView
Reaper Book Slash StunTreasure_boxView
Blue Box of GratitudeTreasure_boxView
Yellow Box of GratitudeTreasure_boxView
Purple Box of GratitudeTreasure_boxView
Red Box of GratitudeTreasure_boxView
Orange Box of GratitudeTreasure_boxView
Green Box of GratitudeTreasure_boxView
Teal Box of GratitudeTreasure_boxView
Adena PouchTreasure_boxView
Enchanter's BoxTreasure_boxView
Seal of Reaper Magic: Gaia's BlessingTreasure_boxView
Seal of Reaper Magic: Assassin's CreedTreasure_boxView
L1.5 Prize BoxTreasure_boxView
Lineage Prize BoxTreasure_boxView
Zajako Prize BoxTreasure_boxView
Reaper Prize BoxTreasure_boxView
Spell BoxTreasure_boxView
Unripe PumpkinTreasure_boxView
Rotten PumpkinTreasure_boxView
Burnt PumpkinTreasure_boxView
Glowing Jack O LanternTreasure_boxView
Evil Jack O LanternTreasure_boxView
Tuala's RewardTreasure_boxView
Spellbook ChestTreasure_boxView
Box of Spirit CrystalsTreasure_boxView
Box of Technical DocumentsTreasure_boxView
Dark Spirit Crystal CapsuleTreasure_boxView
Royal Spellbook BoxTreasure_boxView
Dragon Tablet BagTreasure_boxView
Memory Crystal JarTreasure_boxView
Loaded StockingTreasure_boxView
Silver Christmas GiftTreasure_boxView
Gold Christmas GiftTreasure_boxView
Christmas GiftTreasure_boxView
Silver Doll PackageTreasure_boxView
Gold Doll PackageTreasure_boxView
Easter BasketTreasure_boxView
Goodie BagTreasure_boxView
Nature's Blessing MagnetTreasure_boxView
L1.5 Welcome BoxTreasure_boxView
Soul Prize BoxTreasure_boxView
Best Man's GiftTreasure_boxView
Groomsmen's GiftTreasure_boxView
Maid of Honor GiftTreasure_boxView
Thank You CardTreasure_boxView
Bridesmaid GiftTreasure_boxView
Frosty's SnowBall Crystal - XTreasure_boxView
Silver X Crafting BoxTreasure_boxView
Gold X Crafting BoxTreasure_boxView
Cupid's Lost Chocolates - 2013Treasure_boxView
Aden Hero's ChestTreasure_boxView
Hero's Fluid BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Oscilation BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Ore BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Stable Metal BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Daytime BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Nightime BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Crimson BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Azure BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Onyx BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Golden BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Ivory BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Nature BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Arch Wizard BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Mother Tree BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Legend BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Fear BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Ultra Plate BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Forest BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Enchantment BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Soul BoxTreasure_boxView
Hero's Consolation BoxTreasure_boxView
Vitality CubicTreasure_boxView
Golden CubicTreasure_boxView
Loyalty Pumpin Set - 2013Treasure_boxView
Eva's Blessing of LoveTreasure_boxView
Maphr's Blessing of LoveTreasure_boxView
Pa'agrio's Blessing of LoveTreasure_boxView
Sayha's Blessing of LoveTreasure_boxView
Cubic of LoveTreasure_boxView
Mystery Block Bag - WindTreasure_boxView
Mystery Block Bag - FireTreasure_boxView
Mystery Block Bag - WaterTreasure_boxView
Mystery Block Bag - EarthTreasure_boxView
Super Mystery Block BagTreasure_boxView
Mysterious Block Prize Bag - L 1.5Treasure_boxView
Mysterious Block Prize Bag - 5 YearsTreasure_boxView
Mysterious Block Prize Bag - ZajakoTreasure_boxView
Mysterious Block Prize Bag - EpicTreasure_boxView
Mysterious Block Prize Bag - LegendaryTreasure_boxView
Mysterious Block Prize Bag - QQTreasure_boxView
Mysterious Block Prize Bag - BuzzTreasure_boxView
Mysterious Block Prize Bag - WinTreasure_boxView
Mysterious Block Prize Bag - FafurionTreasure_boxView
Mysterious Block Prize Bag - LindviorTreasure_boxView
Mysterious Block Prize Bag - ValakasTreasure_boxView
Mysterious Block Prize Bag - AntharasTreasure_boxView
Mysterious Block Prize Bag - X GradeTreasure_boxView
Mysterious Block Prize Bag - Max LevelTreasure_boxView
Random Jewelry BoxTreasure_boxView
Ancient Ruby BoxTreasure_boxView
Ancient Sapphire BoxTreasure_boxView
Ancient Topaz BoxTreasure_boxView
Ancient Opal BoxTreasure_boxView
Ancient Obsidian BoxTreasure_boxView
Ancient Diamond BoxTreasure_boxView
Ancient Emerald BoxTreasure_boxView
Ancient Aquamarine BoxTreasure_boxView
Ancient Pearl BoxTreasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient Ruby (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient Sapphire (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient Topaz (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient Opal (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient Obsidian (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient Diamond (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient Emerald (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient Aquamarine (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient Pearl (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Loyalty Pumpkin Set - 2014Treasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient Garnet (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient Onyx (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Ancient Garnet BoxTreasure_boxView
Ancient Onyx BoxTreasure_boxView
Christmas Present - 2014Treasure_boxView
New Year's Cubic - 2019Treasure_boxView
Soul Shot Box - NGTreasure_boxView
Soul Shot Box - BTreasure_boxView
Soul Shot Box - ATreasure_boxView
Soul Shot Box - STreasure_boxView
Soul Shot Box - S80Treasure_boxView
Soul Shot Box - XTreasure_boxView
Spirit Shot Box - NGTreasure_boxView
Spirit Shot Box - BTreasure_boxView
Spirit Shot Box - ATreasure_boxView
Spirit Shot Box - STreasure_boxView
Spirit Shot Box - S80Treasure_boxView
Spirit Shot Box - XTreasure_boxView
2nd Chance BoxTreasure_boxView
Guardian Costume - 2015Treasure_boxView
Starter Jewelry BoxTreasure_boxView
Event Starter BoxTreasure_boxView
Bunny Box RewardTreasure_boxView
Ancient Amethyst BoxTreasure_boxView
Ancient Cat's Eye BoxTreasure_boxView
Ancient Sphalerite BoxTreasure_boxView
Ancient Vital Stone BoxTreasure_boxView
Ancient Tanzanite BoxTreasure_boxView
Ancient Green Kyanite BoxTreasure_boxView
Ancient Apatite BoxTreasure_boxView
Ancient Red Jasper BoxTreasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient AmethystTreasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient Cat's EyeTreasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient SphaleriteTreasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient Vital StoneTreasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient TanzaniteTreasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient Green KyaniteTreasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient ApatiteTreasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient Red JasperTreasure_boxView
Sealed Ancient VanadiniteTreasure_boxView
Ancient Vanadinite BoxTreasure_boxView
Samurai Costume - 2016Treasure_boxView
Wooden Prize ChestTreasure_boxView
Silver Prize ChestTreasure_boxView
Golden Prize ChestTreasure_boxView
Platinum Prize ChestTreasure_boxView
Pumpkin Reward ChestTreasure_boxView
Valakas Bounty SatchelTreasure_boxView
Antharas Bounty SatchelTreasure_boxView
Fafurion Bounty SatchelTreasure_boxView
Lindvior Bounty SatchelTreasure_boxView
Valakas Bounty ChestTreasure_boxView
Antharas Bounty ChestTreasure_boxView
Fafurion Bounty ChestTreasure_boxView
Lindvior Bounty ChestTreasure_boxView
Zajako's Magic Doll BoxTreasure_boxView
Amanda's Magic Doll BoxTreasure_boxView
Alien Transmat CubeTreasure_boxView
Rough Transmat OreTreasure_boxView
Weapon Transmat OreTreasure_boxView
Blessed Weapon Transmat OreTreasure_boxView
Blessed Magic Transmat OreTreasure_boxView
Magic Transmat OreTreasure_boxView
Mysterious Transmat OreTreasure_boxView
High Grade Transmat CopperTreasure_boxView
High Grade Transmat IronTreasure_boxView
High Grade Transmat FirestoneTreasure_boxView
High Grade Transmat GoldTreasure_boxView
Tarnished High Grade Transmat MetalTreasure_boxView
Transmaterial Costume - 2017Treasure_boxView
10 Rough Transmat Bundle Treasure_boxView
50 Rough Transmat BundleTreasure_boxView
Bread BoxTreasure_boxView
Blessed Bread BoxTreasure_boxView
Bread CubeTreasure_boxView
Funny PresentTreasure_boxView
Weird PresentTreasure_boxView
Nice PresentTreasure_boxView
Einhasad's BagTreasure_boxView
Gran Kain's BagTreasure_boxView
Lucky Shamrock BagTreasure_boxView
Wishing ShamrockTreasure_boxView
Bunny BagTreasure_boxView
Easter Basket - 2018Treasure_boxView
Memberberries - 2018Treasure_boxView
Victory Chest - Valakas (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Victory Chest - Antharas (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Victory Chest - Fafurion (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Victory Chest - Lindvior (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Fragile Device Cubic (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Basic Costume BundleTreasure_boxView
Navy Costume Bundle - 2018Treasure_boxView
Army Costume Bundle - 2018Treasure_boxView
New Year's Cubic - 2015Treasure_boxView
Shirt Shopping BagTreasure_boxView
Temporal Key BoxTreasure_boxView
Temporal Chest SpawnerTreasure_boxView
Temporal Chest Summoner: EmpireTreasure_boxView
Temporal Chest Summoner: SayjixTreasure_boxView
Temporal Chest Summoner: DaazenTreasure_boxView
Temporal Chest Summoner: SyndicateTreasure_boxView
Temporal Chest Summoner: ZumbalariTreasure_boxView
Blessed Temporal Key BoxTreasure_boxView
Blessed Temporal Chest SummonerTreasure_boxView
Reward PumpkinTreasure_boxView
Silver Reward PumpkinTreasure_boxView
Gold Reward PumpkinTreasure_boxView
Haunted Reward PumpkinTreasure_boxView
Heart ChestTreasure_boxView
Bunny Bag - 2021Treasure_boxView
Bronze Gacha CapsuleTreasure_boxView
Silver Gacha CapsuleTreasure_boxView
Gold Gacha CapsuleTreasure_boxView
Vortex Chest: SkeletalTreasure_boxView
Vortex Chest: ElmorianTreasure_boxView
Vortex Chest: BossesTreasure_boxView
Arrow PackageTreasure_boxView
Temporal Chest: Silver DragonTreasure_boxView
Temporal Chest: Gold DragonTreasure_boxView
Dimensional DiamondsTreasure_boxView
Dimensional EmeraldsTreasure_boxView
Dimensional RubiesTreasure_boxView
Dimensional SapphiresTreasure_boxView
Bunny Bag - 2022Treasure_boxView
Unlocked Pirate's BootyTreasure_boxView
Unlocked Pirate's BootyTreasure_boxView
Unlocked Pirate's BootyTreasure_boxView
Unlocked Pirate's BootyTreasure_boxView
Patriotic Grab BagTreasure_boxView
Large Anniversary CakeTreasure_boxView
Bunny Bag - 2023Treasure_boxView
Daily Cubic NFTTreasure_boxView
Bready BagTreasure_boxView
Box of Festive DecorationsTreasure_boxView